Radiating love like rays of sunshine...


Brandi Austin is a multifaceted entertainment industry professional. Her affinity with the arts has resulted in opportunities to contribute her talents to artistic musical displays for artists such as Kanye West and The Game. As a commercial actress, Brandi has appeared in campaigns for Verizon and Yelp! among others. With the explosion of digital access to independent film makers and producers, Brandi’s talents have also been featured in independent productions like "Catherine" starring Jenny Slate.

As an avid runner and fitness enthusiast, Brandi is dedicated to results and intentional about what she puts in her body. Hence, her vegan diet as well as her healthy lifestyle choices. Brandi has first-hand experience with the wonders of a plant based diet. As a result, she is an in-demand brand ambassador for natural health, beauty, and food products. Some of her clients include: CoverGirl, UbiSoft, and VeganSmart. With her inspirational messages and can-do attitude, Brandi is an influencer and magnet for emerging natural as well as eco-friendly health, beauty, and food brands. Brandi is an exceptional talent who says that she is driven to succeed the way most people are driven to breathe.